I have experimented with a slightly different layout. If you go to MW001-10 you see each release listed as a single blog entry. By clicking on the 'read more' link you will see the full track listing, sleeve notes, press sheets and anything else of interest.

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Swifty is responsible for the graphic image/identity of the Mo Wax label. In recognition of the influence that Swifty had on the label and the massive contribution he made i have set up the 'Swifty Page'.

Here you will find logo's, flyers, t-shirts etc that were designed by Swifty in the early days of Mo Wax.

Please visit his website to view and purchase his current range of original prints and t-shirts.

Those of you in the know will have already spotted that the 'Mo Wax Discography' banner at the top of this page is one of Swiftys' fonts (thought)  

"As many of you will already know, 2013/14 marks the 21st anniversary of the birth of Mo'Wax. We are really excited to announce that in honour of this milestone, we will be launching 'Urban Archaeology: 21 years of Mo'Wax' - a large scale retrospective exhibition of the Mo’Wax archive and a very special book with Rizzoli, as well as a load of other exciting projects and events! We will be using Kickstarter to raise the money to put on the exhibition - our campaign will be launched over the next few weeks and we will need your help! Please help us to spread the word and raise the funds we need. More news soon…" JL

For more details check out the new Mo Wax website


Living In Your Headphones Pt.1 'A Night's Interlude'

James Lavelle has posted a new mix titled 'A Night's Interlude'.

Born into a British club scene which straddled everything from Rare Groove to hip hop, Acid House to reggae James Lavelle is a born crate digger. Perhaps best known for his UNKLE association, the producer is continuing to enjoy his time behind the decks.

Embracing new styles and leafing through the archives, the Mo'Wax founder is continually in demand. Recently deciding to launch a new mix series, James Lavelle posted the first instalment online last night.

Living In Your Headphones Pt.1 'A Night's Interlude' is typically wide ranging, with James Lavelle penning an introductory note: "Starting the new year I thought it would be good to finally drop a new DJ mix as its been a while. Whilst the band is taking a break I have been getting back to basics and starting to DJ again and work on some more electronic tracks and remixes. Living In My Headphones is the new title of a series I will continue for the foreseeable future with this being the first. As it's been a while since I have done a mix I wanted to provide a soundtrack to my DJing both past and present with numerous exclusives, edits and remixes, some tracks from past mixes in new forms, classics and new brand new music. Being 2 and a half hours it is also very reflective of a live club DJ set, not split into different parts but as one continuous set and how I like to play out. I hope you can enjoy it both subtly as a soundtrack to your day or night, in headphones or cranked up as if you were right there with me in a club."

For more info please visit CLASH Magazine

"2013/14 marks the 21st anniversary of the birth of the label"

Long overdue official Mo Wax Facebook page has been launched.

Page Description
James Lavelle started Mo’Wax in 1992 when he was just 18 years old. Culturally, the label’s cocktail of influences ranged from Star Wars and Def Jam to Japanese Manga art. Crucially though, Mo’Wax was uniquely British. “Growing up in England, we were on a different level. We’d be exposed to everyone from Carl Craig to Public Enemy – whereas in America, people didn’t cross genres in that way at all....”

Promo only press release sheets added for the following releases: MW005, MW006, MW007, MW014, MW017, MW019, MW021, MW022, MW031, MW033, MW038, MW039 & MW040

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MW016 Listing updated to include photographs of the 2 different coloured labels of this release.

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MW050 listing updated with new photographs of the unreleased Sam Sever 12".

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    Mo Wax Discography

    This site aims to compile a complete reference discography for all Mo Wax releases since the label started in 1992. The listings so far go up to 1996 (MW060). We hope to add another 10 listings every few months. You will find all releases with unique catalogue numbers, sleeve designs and/or colourways. Where possible i have listed the artist, tracks and sleeve designers. For a full description of what is/isn't listed click here

    You will find the records, CD's, cassettes and all other catalogued releases arranged over a series of pages. Just click on one of the tabs at the top to take a look. 

    In addition to the music i have also tried to celebrate the artists and designers that helped to make Mo Wax one of the most influential labels of recent times. 

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